About Dudeism Ireland


Dudeism (The Church of the Latter Day Dude) is the slowest-growing religion in the world... and The Church of Dudeism Ireland is the slowest going chapter of that religion...!

The Church of Dudeism Ireland is inspired by the Church of the Latter Day Dude (Dudeism.com) and such Dudes as Jeffery 'The Dude' Lebowski, Droopy, Budda (laughing one with the belly!), Cameron Diaz, Floyd (Brad Pitt's character 'True Romance'), Cheech & Chong, Robin Williams and so on and so forth!

Dudeism Ireland's aim is to gather all like minded Dudes in Ireland together and to spread the good word about the Way of the Dude. In this topsy turvy world the more people hear about the Way of Dude the better...

To be an Irish Dudeist with The Church of Dudeism Ireland you need to abide by these central tenets (yes, they are just our opinion man)

1) Tóg go bog é - essentially take it is easy man, just relax; these things too will pass...

2) Don't pee on other people's rugs man! If you don't want someone to urinate on your rug (life) then don't do it to their rug. If someone does pee on your rug here are a couple of possible responses that may help (caution: may not help): just say 'fuck it' and walk out or you could say 'that's just like your opinion man'; either or both are grand...

3) Abide - there will be times when you're feeling pressure and that pressure may come from and in lots of different ways, avenues, lanes, what-have-yous... Well the Dudeist way is to (as far as possible) chill and take this pressure in your stride. Go bowling, watch a weird play with a friend, have a beverage (check out our Irish Dude Mugs and Glasses in our store for the perfect cup o tae vessel) with a mate; in a word abide...

Dudeism is not a registered religion in Ireland yet so you can’t officiate (officially) at weddings but you can give blessings, funeral orations etc. We are working on making Dudeism a recognised religion in Ireland though so keep tuned!

Almost forgot, like please check out our
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One last thing Dudes, when it comes to Dudeism there are no Dudes or Dudettes; as we are all one Dude in abiding!

Tóg go bog é,

The Very Rev. Bob D.I.

P.S. as we mentioned we were inspired by many people including the Church of the Latter Day Dude based in the US. Here are some words from these brothers and sisters @Dudeism.com (NB: we in Dudeism Ireland have like our own opinion on what Dudeism means) this is just like their opinion:

'While Dudeism in its official form has been organized as a religion only recently, it has existed down through the ages in one form or another. Probably the earliest form of Dudeism was the original form of Chinese Taoism, before it went all weird with magic tricks and body fluids. The originator of Taoism, Lao Tzu, basically said “smoke ’em if you got ’em” and “mellow out, man” although he said this in ancient Chinese so something may have been lost in the translation.

Down through the ages, this “rebel shrug” has fortified many successful creeds – Buddhism, Christianity, Sufism, John Lennonism and Fo’-Shizzle-my-Nizzlism. The idea is this: Life is short and complicated and nobody knows what to do about it. So don’t do anything about it. Just take it easy, man. Stop worrying so much whether you’ll make it into the finals. Kick back with some friends and some oat soda and whether you roll strikes or gutters, do your best to be true to yourself and others – that is to say, abide'.