Becoming a Dudeist Priest


So you want to be a Dudeist Priest?

Well okay that's good it can be some extra work but sometimes there's a man...sometimes there's a man...oops lost my train of thought there!

To become a Dudeist Priest you need to register with our mother church - The Church of the Latter Day Dude by going to their here

Please also register with us in order to become an Irish Dudeist by emailing and you will receive your free Certificate of Dudeliness!

See our page
Irish Dudeists for more info...

Dudeism Ireland is not yet a recognised religion but that is just like the government's opinion man. 

Irish Dudeist Priests cannot officially be celebrants or register marriages in Ireland yet; but we're working on it!

However, Dudeist Priests in Ireland can give blessings and officiate at weddings, orate at funerals and talk to you about topics such as abiding, bowling, white Russian construction and other interesting things man...